Our Work

Landscape Architecture

With experience designing landscapes and gardens for various environments and property types, a landscape designer is able to offer landscaping ideas to suit your individual situation, brief and budget.

We have a wealth of experience in residential and commercial landscape design as well as the provision of landscape solutions for schools, council property and other public spaces.

Landscape Construction

Installation commences following approval of the Construction Quotation and Landscape Works Agreement.

Prior to commencement of construction we invest a great deal of time in the planning process to ensure our projects are delivered to schedule. Our designs are executed by our team of highly skilled and experienced construction personnel which includes construction managers, team leaders, horticulturalists and tradespeople.

Landscape Maintenance

Podology provides an array of maintenance services to ensure your landscape grows at its optimum, and is continually looking healthy and vibrant.

Our service begins with a site visit and client brief whereby we assess the landscape maintenance requirements and make recommendations from which a maintenance proposal is developed.